Welcome to Pinoyagribusiness

I started this website wayback 2007 , my initial intention is that this platform will serve as place where i can sell my manual about swine raising. From a simple website i then created a forum which tackles about swine raising, poultry, cattle and other topics about agriculture. If i am not mistaken , this website is the first privately owned website in the Philippines that tackles exclusively about agriculture. As years goes by the dynamics of information gathering shifted from website based to social media base information. I’m an old soul rather than follow the trends i opted to stay with this particular setup. After 3 Philippine President (Gloria Arroyo, Benigno Aquino and Rodrigo Duterte) and 3 hosting changes we are still operational.

It is just really unfortunate that in our last hosting change our database was corrupted and only a partial was left, hopefully i can retrieve other data but for now you can visit our forum here pinoyagribusiness forum