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Title: sow
Post by: mr hog on August 17, 2007, 08:23:51 AM
Hi How many times a year would a sow give berth per year?I need to caculate the profit would be,we have 25 sows right now and we go through a 50 kilo bag per day for just the sow feed, so one bag costs 660 p.So it is 1 kilo a day for one sow,so lets just say 8 sacks per year so thats 5280p.If a sow gives birth to a minimum of 10 piglets and we sold them for 1800p each thats 18,000p so if she gives birth to 2 litters per year thats 36,000 if god is good to me and the sow has 3 births thats 54,000p thats a good profit.In the beggining it touch because you have to wait for so long to get this rolling.Please any info would be great help

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Post by: nemo on August 17, 2007, 02:45:46 PM
A sow could farrow/give birth
2.4 times a year (365 days/ 151 days  {114 days(gestation)+30 days(lactating)7 (return to heat)}

you feed a sow depending the stage it is in.
 Your 2 kilo is enough for  dry sow (not pregnant and not lactating)

So i made a sample below it start day1 of pregnacy the cost of feeds is 850 pers sack breeder and 950 lactation.

                 Age  Days   Kilos     Total     price   Total price

                          28      2        56       17       952
                          64    2.5      160       17       2720
                           22     3        66       19       1254
                           30     5       150       19      2850
                          144                                  7776
plus 1110 meds and feeds of piglet and 500 med of sow


10 piglets x 1800=   18 000- 9386= 8 614 * 2.4 =20 673.6 per year

estimate lang po ito. It would vary from price of feeds added cost like electricty etc.

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Post by: mikey on August 19, 2007, 10:02:14 AM
Mr Hog, boy you must have some real skinny hogs.     mikey

Title: Re: sow
Post by: nemo on August 19, 2007, 05:18:23 PM
Mr. hog, you could ask you're feed supplier for a feeding program specific to the brand you are using. Different feed company gives different feeding program although the difference in general is very minimal.

Title: Re: sow
Post by: mr hog on August 20, 2007, 12:23:23 AM
Mikey when your sows are pregnant you are not to give to much feeds.Thats what I was told.I am not the one in charge of my farm my brother inlaw is and he knows allot and pigs lol.When I was there a few weeks back the pigs looked in great shape, no skinny.

Title: Re: sow
Post by: mikey on August 20, 2007, 12:36:44 PM
Mr Hog,maybe I should put our hogs on the Jenny Craig diet then lol,we feed ours alot more than that,especially when pregnant,dry sows are kept skinnier,do believe you may have it backwards,Mr Nimo will be able to answer this for us.Mr Hog,are you breeding with the 3 way upgrade?Large white X landraceX Duroc?
Hogs like any commodity,prices go up and prices come down,in our area now prices are down,prices always jump up more closer to Christmas,the old saying do not count your chickens before they hatch,crumble in our area over P1000.00 per 50 kg sack and climbing,some days I think should have stayed a copra farmer lol. Have a nice day                                mikey

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Post by: nemo on August 20, 2007, 09:42:13 PM
Mikey when your sows are pregnant you are not to give to much feeds.Thats what I was told.I

I will just elaborate on this.

On the first few days of pregnancy they do not give to much feed because they want the fetus inside the sow to be viable. To much feed sometimes would increase the body temperature of the animal thus it might affect the embryo inside the sow.

After a few days after the embryo settled/ implanted it self in the uterus then the feed  needs to be increased to help for the development of the embryo.

In the latter part of pregnancy the feeds in  changed to lactation for bone development and milk production. At this stage bone development of piglet is rapid and you need calcium to do it. One source of calcium is the feed lactation. If there is no source of calcium the sow will digest some of  its own bone to give to its piglet to develop its own. This would result weak leg for the sow because of the bone cannibalism that happens.

After farrowing the sow is given more feeds some computes it as 200-250 grams per piglet+ maintenance.
it means if the sow maintenance is 2 kilos + it has 10 piglets x 250 grams =2500 grams or 2.5 kgs= 4.5 kgs of feed per day.

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Post by: mr hog on August 20, 2007, 10:21:09 PM
Ok when the sows are pregnant he does not give much feed because the babys inside wright?put when they give berth he feeds them more this what he is doing.Oh man I'am confused now I'am just the financer lol not the farmer I'am just trying to calculate the profit.I now theres a big profit to be maid in the pig buss..Anyway mr mikey what province is your farm located in?

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Post by: nemo on August 20, 2007, 11:36:30 PM
I do believe you need also to learn the in and out of your business to make it more profitable.

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Post by: mikey on August 21, 2007, 02:25:57 AM
Mr Hog, do not feel bad,I only pay he bills also.I did buy my brother-in-law a book on hogs and he did attent a seminar which really helped him out.The farm is located in Negros Oriental,outside LaLibertad,thanks to Mr Nemo for his valueable information,if you try and track profits,you will drive yourself crazy,I have learned just to relax and look at the big picture,I think it is hard to figure out how many piglets your sows will have in a given year,you have outside forces beyond anyones control,some sows have more ,some have less.Have a nice day              mikey.

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Post by: mr hog on August 21, 2007, 08:32:19 AM
Mikey your farm is near the Dumaguete?wow I have so many relatives who lives there.I never had the time to visit there when I was there time for sure.Are farm is in davao.Nemo I am trying to learn as much as I can but there is such a big language barrer.

Title: Re: sow
Post by: mikey on August 21, 2007, 03:20:16 PM
Mr Hog, relax,before you drive yourself crazy man,I stated before trying to count your chickens before they hatch may turn out to be a big disappointment,We look at our sows on a one to one bases,some are better producers some are less,I think it would be very difficult to do a yearly profit projection ,how much does it cost to operate your farm on a monthly bases,how many piglets are born in any given month,take it one step at a time,operating cost always rise,food,labour,electric,so on and so on,we do ours on a year end bases,what type of breeding do you do?the most common now is the 3 way cross,a good book can really help you,Mr Nemo sells books on hogs,would be a worth while investment,remember the better you educate yourself the better in the long run,we both live in Canada,farmers are business people in the PROTEIN DELIVERY BUSINESS that is what Canadian farmers refer to themselves,as for the distance from Dumageute City to our place,approx. 4-5 hours up into the mountains 1 way,all buyers come from Cebu for livestock. have a nice day    mikey

Title: Re: sow
Post by: nemo on August 21, 2007, 11:32:07 PM
Well atleast Mr. hog you are trying to learn bit by bit. In the long run it will just be like a part of you. It would be like instinct. If you just need any clarification about swine raising jsut post here. I would try to help.

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Post by: mr hog on August 29, 2007, 01:39:48 PM
Hey nemo how many sows do you have?My piggery is beside a banana farm and now its for sale what sould I do?If houses go there I will be in trouble I just finished building 80 sow cages.The land is not cheep 1000 per meter and he is selling 7000 meters oh now I am nerves.I sure would love to buy it so it would be like a buffer zone,I could plant something there,maybe We could talk him down in price..Anyway folks I need some help on this has anybody been in this problem?help please..thankx

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Post by: nemo on August 29, 2007, 05:57:57 PM
Actually i do not have a farm. I used to work at 2 different feed company as a Technical veterinarian. I go from one raiser to another to check their animal etc.

If you are in a agricultural zone and not a residential then the pressure is not that high. My brother piggery is located in a residential area and even though his farm have a little smell people are not petitioning him because he know how to "Makisama". If there are pigs that are runt or small  what he do is call some of the neighbor to slaughter the pig and make letson etc for everyone. So in the end everybody is happy.

To minimize order in your farm build a good lagoon or biogas so it could minimize the odor coming from your farm. And if possible plant trees between you and the banana plantation like ilang ilang and sampaguita so even if the wind blows to their direction what they will smell is the scent of sampaguita.

Another solution is by building a high wall around your farm but it would cost you alot.

The best solution is like you said is to buy the land as  a buffer but like you said it is costly. Just hope that they would have difficulty finding a buyer you could ask for a lower price.

Title: Re: sow
Post by: mr hog on August 29, 2007, 09:46:34 PM
Hi nemo I do believe its commercial land at least thats what there paying for in tax.not residential.I do have a hollow block fence already we built if 6 ft high do you think it would be better to build even higher?We have septic tanks and my brother inlaw washes them 2 times a day so really there is no smell,but we only have 25 sows but if it goes up to 100 wow then things might change..and yes we will be making gas do you think making the gas will help with the smell?I am also very interested in these trees you are talking about.Again thankx for the fast reply and help.

Title: Re: sow
Post by: nemo on August 29, 2007, 10:44:25 PM
THe higher the better The logic behind it is that normally gas would go up because it is lighter but it could be drag by wind so if you have a higher fence the gas will crawl up before it could be drag by the wind toward your neighbor.

Actually making gas is only an additional assest because you could use your septic more economically by having a by product that is the gas and compared to an open system it smell less.

Title: Re: sow
Post by: mr hog on August 30, 2007, 01:08:36 PM
Hey nemo thankx again I realy like your forum yes its small but all my questions get answered fast.Anyway maybe I sould build the fence bigger so it looks so awfull now one would like to live beside it hehe and keep the odour inside. You really think it will work?Have you seen such a big fence before?

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Post by: mikey on August 30, 2007, 03:31:49 PM
Good day Mr Hog,I red on the net some time back,this comes from the Philippines,some hog farmers use bamboo charcoal mixed in their hog feed to help with the hogs odors,never said how much to use and said only bamboo charcoal,told my brother-in-law about it,lucky for us we live in a farming belt and no worries about residential development,also we had to get a license from our mayor for the hog operation.Good Farming To You
P.S. Mr Nemo is the expert here DVM,his call on the bamboo charcoal.
we use all our hog manure for the crops.                mikey                                                                                               
Mr Nemo,you have the best WEBSITE in all of the Philippines,I have been to alot of websites,I vote this site number #1

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Post by: nemo on August 30, 2007, 06:27:20 PM
Mr. Hog most commercial farm here in the Philippines do have a high wall to prevent future problems with neighbors they call it  wind breakers. IT would work but it is costly so rather than do build it now try to wait until someone bought the farm besides you.

Mikey and everybody Thanks for the support.

Yes some also use charcoal but i prefer it to be sprinkled in the manure rather than to be mixed with the feeds. It is like what our Nanay do when they put charcoal in the refrigerator to absorb the odor. Mixing it to the feeds will decrease the odor but sometimes it also decreased the nutrients that is absorb by the pigs gut.
Some feeds manufacturer today put Yucca extract in their feed so it will minimize the odor.

Title: Re: sow
Post by: mr hog on August 30, 2007, 09:52:33 PM
Thankx again folks for the help.I will wait and see what happenes to the land beside us.