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Organic Zinc
« on: December 27, 2010, 10:12:29 AM »
Research: Organic zinc improves goat performance 24 Dec 2010
To determine the effects of organic zinc (Biomet Zinc, zinc-methionine chelate, Norel) on the reproductive performances of goats and growth of their offspring, a study was conducted at the goat farm of the Animal Reproduction Research Institute (ARRI) based in El Haram, Giza, Egypt.

The control group received the control diet (containing 24 ppm of zinc) while the experimental group was given the control diet plus 0.4 gram /head/day of Biomet Zinc.
The supplementation started 1 month before the expected lambing date and lasted until 2 months post kidding.
Compared to the control group, diet supplemented with Biomet decreased the number of days to conception (43.2 vs. 54.4 days) and increased the conception rate (80 vs. 60%).
Weaning weight as well as average daily gain rate of the kids of the Biomet group was higher than that of the kids of the control group (11.39 vs. 9.11 kg, and 159 vs. 122 g/day, respectively).
It was also observed that the somatic cells count (SCC) decreased by 22% (120x103 vs. 155x103) when the chelated zinc was used.
It was concluded that supplementation with Biomet resulted in early return to post-kidding oestrus, improved the conception rate, and also led to heavier lambs at weaning.
Furthermore, the supplementation improved milk quality by decreasing its SCC.


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