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Title: MS Breeds first 2 goats from the MS ELITE REDLINE:
Post by: mikey on July 14, 2010, 10:20:02 AM
It is with great pleasure I wish to announce we have the first 2 bucklings born this past weekend from our kalahari red boer sire and 2 nubian upgraded does.What makes this exciting is the fact the 2 does, the first one a F1 upgrade (50% nubian and 50% native) and the second doe a F2 upgrade (75% nubian and 25% native) makes this a made in the Philippines true meat goat for the future meat industry.To be a true made in the Philippines goat there would have to be some native bloodlines in the new breed.We wait for our other does some F1s and F3s to kid this year to begin our new meat line which we will market now as MS ELITE REDLINE.Our breeding plan was in the works for the past year but we only made the announcement about such a breed this past week as we knew 2 of our does would be kidding soon.Our breeding goals was planned as follows.

Kalahari red boer sire crossed to a F1 doe,offspring born is of a red colour coat
Kalahari red boer sire crossed to a F2 doe,offspring born is a tri colour coat,red,black and tan.

From the native doe we hope for-hardiness, prolific and extended breeding season with twins and triples,excellent mothering,good butterfat content.

From the nubian % doe we hope for-pigmented skin,extended breeding season with twins and triples,high butter fat and solids content,good flavor meat product,good size goat.

From the purebred boer we hope for-pigmented skin,extended breeding season with twins and triples,high butterfat and solids content,double muscle with good ADG (average daily gain).

We have bred as far as I know,this first 3 breed meat goat for the better of the meat industry as a whole and will follow the progess with eyes wide open as we hope to breed a meat goat with the dark pigmented skin,high profit returns and low maintenance.Other attempts were bred at only the F1 upgrade level the 3 way cross.The goat needs to do well without the need for bagged concentrates but with some supplements of corn and rice bran which is much cheaper than bagged concentrates.The goat needs to do well on forage as its main feed source.

This goes to show with a good breeding plan in place and alot of luck it is possible to breed a better goat in the Philippines.This is only in the early stages and will require alot of hard work yet to prove this breed will be successful in the future.MS ELITE REDLINE looks like a winner.

buckling from F1 is named Redline Rover
buckling from F2 is named Redline Tri

Will post pictures when these bucklings are 6 months old and past the critical weaning stage.
Title: Re: MS Breeds first 2 goats from the MS ELITE REDLINE:
Post by: mikey on December 01, 2010, 08:51:36 AM
I have been asked what am I talking about here.Well,no other farm or person that I know of in the Philippines has come up with the idea of breeding a meat goat built on the back of the red boer (kalahari red or roan) in english,why.In the world of livestock breeding,medium size animals require less feed to produce than large animals and the end result is the same.Also it is well known that a meat breed mixed with a dairy breed has more moisture in its meat meaning better quality overall.In short this elite redline for us will be our signature series for district#1 of N.Oriental.Future meat goats coming from N.Oriental,district #1 in the future we hope will be of this new breed.Red in colour with a medium build and with more than enough milk production to nurse its kid(s).Rural farmers face the problems of feed and feed adds to any producers bottom line.We know and expect animal feed prices will continue to rise from today and into the future and when feed prices become too expensive people tend to leave that part of livestock production and look for something more of a sure shot.The orginal boers were bred for high production and low maintenance,today worldwide the boer has lost its orginal purpose and has become an animal that requires more care than ever intended for.In my opinion,a goat that is bred for low maintenance will have a better chance for success in the rural areas.Worldwide those who are able to produce protein cheap are the ones who are successful and those who cannot are out of business very quickly.Free trade also has a part here,example is the chicken and pork.Countries with governments that subsidize grain,corn and soya beans are the ones who produce livestock the cheapest.The smart producer is the producer with a winning formula for cheap livestock production.

With the number of producers in this business,very few publish any or all their findings.Without more data being published its really hard to tell what is really happening with goats in the country.
Title: Re: MS Breeds first 2 goats from the MS ELITE REDLINE:
Post by: nemo on December 01, 2010, 05:59:09 PM
as per my observation... how d goat industry is moving in this country is more or less evolves in fad system.... Which ever have a greater visibility, marketing etc are the ones being accepted and patronized. No offense to those goat farm  who are really helping the goat industry....

Even the government is riding on the bandwagon rather than being a primemover....

Sir Mikey Wish you the best in your goat farming endeavor.
Title: Re: Redline to be renamed the RP Genemaxer Elite
Post by: Mustang Sally Farm on March 17, 2011, 08:54:04 AM
Due to the fact there is aleady a agri program in the country named RED and in the beginning we were calling ours Elite Redline,the two names sound very close to each other and might confuse some in the country.We will rename ours the RP Genemaxer.We will copy a  part of a breeding plan that a lady named Nancy from Hutchinson,Kansas USA has been using with great success.Nancy has been crossing purebred boer bucks with purebreed saanen does to produce a crossbreed that has value for both meat/dairy.In our case we will use crossbred does (snubian does) to bred with boer bucks to produce this new dual purpose breed.With smaller producers sometimes it is much easier to manage one breed over many breeds.At times one has to balance what and which breed or breeds will produce the best value for your operation.Smaller producers do not have the larger numbers to work with and management can be stretched to ones limits.There is already sizeable numbers of boers in the country and with the new dairy breeds this will open the door for many people to experiment with.This allows any producer to try and play around with producing a new breed either dual or only meat or only dairy.
Title: Re: MS Breeds first 2 goats from the MS ELITE REDLINE:
Post by: nemo on March 17, 2011, 06:06:28 PM
Gud luck to your RP Genemaxer...

Hope to see your line in the market in the next 1-2 years...
Title: Re: MS Breeds first 2 goats from the MS ELITE REDLINE:
Post by: Mustang Sally Farm on March 19, 2011, 12:25:23 AM
will give it a try but only time will tell if this cross has any value.Due to the fact,we do not have any purebred saanen does to work with,forces us to try cross saanens.In truth,no matter if purebred or cross,does would have to have milkability and lactation periods first in order to have success.The only real farm that could try this cross on any scale would be Alaminos and they would have to decide if this cross would have any benefit for their operation.It is an interesting cross and would have value in the RP since there are numbers of boer bucks to work with but as for the purebred saanens,depends on how many farms have them.For us we will try crossbred does of the saanen and see if the same can be produced.The boer because it is a meat breed has  higher butter fat and protein while the saanen has the milk volume and lactation curve.Smaller goat farms have more management issues with trying to produce different breeds for the different markets and having goats of different sizes.One breed of uniform size has less problems to deal with.

I am sure in years to come there will be different types of breeds from different farms and someone,somewhere will breed something of real value for the rural farmers in the countryside.Makes more of an economic sense if a dual breed could be developed for the countryside.
Title: Re: MS Breeds first 2 goats from the MS ELITE REDLINE:
Post by: nemo on March 20, 2011, 09:07:16 PM
as long as you have good monitor of the genetics whether purebreed or not it would be doable