Author Topic: OSHA Guaranteeing Safety Across Globe  (Read 1795 times)

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OSHA Guaranteeing Safety Across Globe
« on: May 12, 2014, 01:20:23 PM »
To guarantee that people in the United States proper healthy and safe environment, the US Department of Labor came up with a standard called OSHA. OSHA is authorised to take legal action against companies if they find any violation of health and safety standards.
US Congress has approved OSHA as the official health and safety agency of US. US Department has approved OSHA as the legal authority, which is eligible for taking actions against industries that violate health and safety standards. OSHA courses are directed for employees and workers who are regularly in contact with dangerous occupational circumstances. OSHA safety courses will cultivate awareness and skill in employees to manage health and safety of their workplace. These courses are frequently updated to make training relevant to the current working conditions of industries.

There are mainly three different types of OSHA safety training courses:
•   40 hours training course
•   24 hours training course
•   8 hours OSHA refresher course

OSHA recognized institutes are dedicated to professionally-train workforce in managing workplace safety. It is vital to offer health and safety courses to employees since the majority of workplace accidents occur due to the employees’ lack of training in using highly technical equipments. osha training course is one of the best safety training courses that educate employees in all aspects of workplace safety.  :)


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