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Livestock Industry Situationer
« on: November 26, 2007, 05:58:52 AM »
In 2005,the livestock industry generated over P800 billion value of production (Bureau of Agricultural Statistics).This staggering amount has created allied industries worth billions of pesos.These industries include among others,feeding milling,marketing and distribution,manuacture of veterinary drugs and supplies,fresh meat production,meat and meat by products processing,dairy products and milk production and a multitude of other foods,cosmetics,industrial products.These industries generate hundreds of thousands of jobs,from the small backyard livestock farmers comprising the bulk of the producers to the workers of the commercial livestock or poultry farms and allied industries.The vast majority of backyard producers are poor and could hardly afford to buy the fresh meat they produce.They pratice ineffiicient production methods,results in unprofitable enterprise.The end result is high prices of meat and meat-by products hardly affordable to the poor people.The major reason for the inefficient production system is,the smallhold livestock farmers are disorganized.

Coops may help the independant(s),having a group for support is important in any venture.
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