Feed Pellet Crusher for sale

Feed Pellet Crusher for sale
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Feed Pellet Crusher for sale
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Feed Pellet Crusher for sale
« on: July 01, 2014, 05:16:44 PM »
Feed pellet crushing machine is used after pelletizing, to make large pellets into small ones. In many situations, we want to make “multifunctional” feed pellets that can be eaten by both large and small animals. As we know, the pellets made by one pellet die are of same diameter. While roll type feed pellet crushing machine can solve this problem. Our roll type feed crushing machine: double-roller and triple-roller crushing machine excels in capacity, power and efficiency, which is increasingly popular in the market. These two types of crushers are widely used for reducing size of livestock feed, poultry and aquatic feed in animal feed plant. Compare the two and find the suitable one based on your demands!

Characteristics of Feed Pellet Crusher
1. These two models of machine are dedicated devices to smash large feed pellets into small ones. Pellets crushed by common teeth are of 0.6-1.5mm, and crushed by fine teeth are of 1-2.5mm.
2. Rollers are operated in different rotating speeds. Feed pellets are squeezed, cut and teared between rollers, which can reach ideal crushing effect.
3. Adopting V-belt drive, stable transmission, low noise, reliable working, easy operation.

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