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Title: Feed Pellet Grading Sieve for sale
Post by: pelletmill on July 01, 2014, 05:17:50 PM
Grading sieve is used for removing the impurities in raw material and grading feed pellets produced by pellet mill into different sizes. So it is the significant device in feed pellet production line. In order to help customers improve their pellet making efficiency, our company has supplied two types of grading sieve: rotary grading sieve and vibrating grading sieve to serve your pellet production line!

Grading Sieve Features
1. Combine three motion modes in the circular, oval and linear way to get excellent screening effect.
2. The screen adopts belt drive with balanced overweight and low noise.
3. Strengthened engine base can ensure balanced and steady running. If needed, the sieve can also be hanged.
4. The sieve adopts two-layer sieving design, three-layer is also available.
5. Used to screen and grade powdery feed or pellet feed, clean the raw materials for pelletizing in the feed industry and grade intermediate materials after secondary crushing in large and medium feed industry.

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